Sonoff Waterproof Temperature sensor DS18B20


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  • SONOFF Sensor Si7021 – Temperature and Humidity Sensor.
  • It adopts dedicated digital module acquisition technology and temperature & humidity sensing technology to ensure that the sensor has very high reliability and excellent long-term stability.
  • The sensor includes an integrated single-chip temperature and humidity sensor chip, which connects to a high-performance 8-bit MCU. The Si7021 sensor has advantages such as excellent quality, ultra-fast response, anti-interference ability and cost-effective.
  • The sensor has 2.5mm 4-pole stereo audio male plug connector, which works perfectly with Sonoff TH10/TH16, S22 Socket.
  • Relative humidity and temperature measurement.
  • All calibrated, digital output.
  • Good long-term stability.
  • No additional parts required.
  • Ultra-low energy consumption.
  • The sensor is fully interchangeable.
  • Temperature Measuring Range: –40℃~+85°C.
  • Humidity Measuring Range: 0~100%RH.
  • Storage Temp.: –65℃~+150°C.
  • Operating Voltage: 2.2-3.6V.
  • Weight: 26g.
  • Length: 0.5m.


Note: R3 - 6.

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