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Product name: 3.5 big screen children's camera
Product features: photo, game, video recording, MP3
Screen: 3.5 inch high-definition large screen;
Battery specifications: 7.4/1100M = mAh lithium battery
System languages: Chinese, traditional, English, Spanish
Portugal, French, Italy, German, Thai, Russian, Japanese, Korean
Recording format: MD3, UAV
Support system: uinxd XD/7/8

1. Screen: 3.5 inch IPS screen;
2. Memory support: the body comes with built-in memory and does not include a card
Take photos with maximum memory expansion (can take about 20 photos)
Supports 32G;
3. Photo pixel: 2000W pixels for front and rear dual camera
4. Battery capacity: 800mAh, charging time: 2 hours
Time; Can take 200 photos
5. Product configuration: camera, manual, USB cable
Hanging rope product functions: taking photos, recording, timing, playback
Games, stickers, MP3 player;
6. Puzzle games: snake eating, box pushing, russia blocks;

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