Electric Scalp Vibrating 3D Massager Waterproof


98.10 AED


  • Size: 14*11*11cm.
  • Battery Capacity: 1200mAh.
  • Features: 4 Heads of 84 Nodes Scratcher Replacealbe Massage Head(Advantage).
  • Head massager, original 3D meridian massage cluster, acting on the scalp meridian, promoting blood circulation, improving scalp troubles, clearing the meridian, reducing fatigue, removing dandruff, stopping itching, improving sleep, and providing a comfortable meridian massage experience.
  • 4 massager heads with 28 individual 3D Deep-Kneading,perfectly fit the scalp, hand-simulation,deep and fully massage head. Increase blood circulation to the scalp, boosting hair growth,promoting relaxation,releasing stress and relieving sore. Gets you to sleep soon.
  • One key to start, the elderly can easily use; 10 minutes intelligent timing massage avoids forgetting to shut down. Also good to massage your neck and shoulder or other body parts. Portable for a trip, office or home massage.
  • 4 massage modes(high/low speed in both direction) under dry or wet condition. The massager body is made from Waterproof material , which makes it possible to enjoy a head massage while bathing. Massages your scalp in the shower to ease itchiness and promote blood circulation.
  • This head massager is custom-designed,total 28 contactors are perfectly fit the scalp,deep and fully massage head and body. Great ideal gift for men, women, parents and friends. Massages your scalp in the shower to ease itchiness and promote blood circulation. High quality massage heads take good care of your skin, safe and comfortable.
  • Enjoy a perfect massage anytime anywhere without an annoying wire; Fully charged at one time and you may enjoy a two- hour massage. 
  • (Charging base is separate from massager.).


Note: R9 - 4.

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