Sonoff WiFi Smart Switch TH10A Humidity Sensor Remote Control


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  • Brand: Sonoff.
  • Type: Electronic Accessories.
  • Are batteries needed to power the product or is this product a battery: No.
  • Sonoff TH10 and TH16 is a wireless temperature and humidity monitoring system that can remotely monitor and set range to turn on/off.
  • Is this a Dangerous Good or a Hazardous Material, Substance or Waste that is regulated for transportation, storage, and/or disposal: No.
  • This temperature sensor wifi controller can set the temperature and humidity via the phone app.
  • The temperature sensor smart switch will turn on or off the home appliance, when the temperature or humidity reaches the preset value.
  • The wifi smart controller is designed with many functions, such as set a schedules, set a countdown timer, and remote control the home appliance.
  • The wifi smart switch is suitable for connecting and controlling a fan, air conditioner, humidifier, and so on.
  • The smart switch is made of strong and sturdy ABS and is long-lasting and not easy to break nor to crack.



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